Compliance & Auditing

At Cool & Heat we can help our customers to remain compliant.


FGas Compliance

How do we help you stay compliant?:

  • We are a member of Refcom.
  • Full asset collection on contract start.
  • Offer a Service to determine the volume of refrigerant within the system to ensure accuracy of records.
  • Provide a Fgas leak test schedule in line with BSEN 378 calculated against the refrigerant type & quantity.
  • Provide a service to asset log all equipment onsite in line with Fgas regulations.
  • Use digital gauges to provide accurate refrigerant based reports such as pressure test certification, evacuation certificate & commissioning reports.
  • Free Fgas advice to clients.
  • Promote refrigerant recycling.
  • Installers of Daikin VRV Loop Systems which are provided with reclaimed refrigerant that does not affect the UKs quote and reduces the CO2 impact of using virgin refrigerant.
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Energy Auditing

One of the ways Cool & Heat saves our customers money and energy is through comprehensive energy auditing.

We can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and increase their profits.

The government have recently introduced the Energy Related Products Directive and this will shape the future for how businesses manage their equipment and choose products. In addition, the UK have a zero net emissions goal by 2050 which is driving the use of greener solutions.

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Our Accreditations