Cool & Heat supplies, installs and maintains a range of refrigeration systems.


We work with some of the UK’s leading catering and food retail outlets.

We also provide refrigeration to bakeries, supermarkets, airports, hotels, restaurants, universities and hospitals. This is often through facilities management organisations.

Cool and Heat install high quality, high performance systems from Daikin. We provide professional installation services and maintenance solutions for range of refrigeration equipment.

Many customers opt for a comprehensive service contract to benefit from 24/7 emergency callout. For many applications such as for restaurants, this is an essential service to prevent food wastage or even temporary closure.

Applications include; Walk-in freezer rooms, Cold rooms, Upright freezer cabinets, Ice machines, Chillers, Bottle coolers and Chilled food displays (including ‘grab and go’ sandwich chillers).

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Cool & Heat works with Daikin to offer our customers a range of chiller products.

Daikin is a leader in technology development and their chillers reflect this. They use advanced heat pumps and inverters for optimal performance. This in turn allows customers to keep their running costs and emissions down.

Heat pumps use renewable energy and therefore are sustainable and cost-effective. The inverter means the unit can work at partial capacity, where appropriate, again saving energy and money. In fact, running costs and emissions can be around 25% less!

Daikin have over 150 options so there is a unit for all applications.

Such applications include; Ice rinks, Food retailers, Mortuaries and Hospitals.

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Cold Rooms

For specialist applications which require a cold storage room, Cool & Heat can install a Daikin modular cold room.

Easy to install and with countless options and accessories, they are a smart solution for many applications.

Some of the key components of modular cold rooms are as follows; Wall and ceiling panels, Floor panels and Door panels.

  • Wall and Ceiling panels are available in solid polyurethane foam and come in a variety of sizes and thickness.
  • Floor Panels are made using polyurethane double coated with galvanised sheet metal and reinforced with plywood and are available in a range of dimensions and surfaces.
  • Door Panels are filled with polyurethane for insulation and have a rubber profiling, hinges and locking mechanism to provide a tight seal.
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