Our Industries

Cool and Heat are committed to serving a vast variety of professional industries.


Product quality is the most important aspect in retail, along with delivering an exceptional customer experience. Cool and Heat can provide an array of solutions to ensure the product quality and customer experience is at the highest level.


Our customer's homes are their sanctuaries away from the daily hustle and bustle. With our range of sustainable systems, we can ensure that you don’t have to give up comfort for the most energy-efficient environment.

Industrial & Office Accomodation

Cool and Heat can assist you in keeping good working conditions, we can install them in industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, and offices. Keeping your working conditions perfect for productivity and morale.


The wellbeing of pupils is the utmost priority when considering a high-performing HVAC system, to ensure optimum concentration levels and comfort whilst learning. Cool and Heat can safely install and maintain systems around term-time.


Temperature control is essential for efficient production. Facilities can generate mass amounts of heat which need to be sufficiently controlled for the benefit of staff and products. We’ll take care of your HVAC systems for manufacturing plants of all sizes.

Housing Associations

Whilst energy prices in the UK are rising, renewable energy is helping to lessen the increased cost for tenants. As well as potentially reducing emissions, Cool and Heat can fit low-carbon alternatives to conventional systems.


When working in a controlled medical environment, it's key that airborne precautions are taken. Dental offices should have competent ventilation systems to keep work areas free from viral pathogens. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Public Service Broadcasting

Serving large public broadcasting offices is something Cool and Heat has a wealth of experience in. We can offer a full facilities management service to ensure the HVAC systems in offices, studios, and break areas are top spec.


The maintenance of HVAC must be of the highest standard to ensure the comfort and correct care for hospital patients, staff, and visitors. Cool and Heat can provide a wide range of solutions to ensure these standards are met.

Public Transport Hubs

Due to the transitional footfall of passengers through transport hubs, it can be difficult to keep a base-level temperature that is sufficient for travellers and cargo. Cool and Heat can offer guidance and solutions to manage this.

Power Generation

It's imperative that power generation plants meet regulation standard temperature conditions. Our accreditations and qualifications offer evidence that we can provide our customers with services that satisfy regulation standards.