Install Team Get Underfloor Cooling System Back On Track

Underfloor air conditioning
The project was carried out over two floors of offices which each had an underfloor air conditioning system

The Cool & Heat Installations team have recently completed a successful project at a rail signalling centre in York. The largest of a dozen similar centres across the UK, the Operating Centre is responsible for controlling some of the main lines between the North and the South and helping travellers and commuters reach their destination safely.

Uneven Air Distribution

The project was carried out over two floors of offices which each had an underfloor air conditioning system. This is similar to what you might find in a server room, to keep the workers cool in the warmer months and warm in the colder months.

However, before the project began the system was not working as it should be. The 50 floor vents were providing an uneven distribution of air resulting in an inconsistent temperature across the office with some areas being cool and others being much warmer.

360 Vents Per Floor!

To solve this issue the installations team were brought in. They installed 360 smaller vents on each floor to even out the air flow. The majority of the work was carried out at night in order to cause minimum disruption to the office staff and each floor took approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Post completion the distribution of air across the offices was greatly improved resulting in a much more comfortable working temperature.

Flexible Installations

The flexibility of our Install teams allows projects such as this one to be completed smoothly with little or no disruption to company operations and staff.

The teams are made up of specialist installations engineers with many years of experience working across a huge variety of projects from commercial office buildings to harsher industrial settings.

All of Cool & Heat’s installation projects are meticulously planned with industry experts attending site prior to the project commencing to carry out comprehensive site surveys which enable them to decide on the most effective way to carry out the work. The team then execute the work in line with Cool & Heat’s high standards.


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