Daikin VRV IV heat recovery system

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery is a great way to heat your water using energy produced by existing processes.

Many commercial and industrial settings produce heat waste through their normal daily activities. Rather than going to waste it can instead be utilised to heat water for showers and taps and in some cases can even remove the need for a boiler.

Daikin offers smart heat recovery as part of many of it’s ventilation products. Such products include:

  • Heat Reclaim Ventilation (VAM)
  • Heat Reclaim Ventilation (VKM)
  • Modular L (Smart)

Heat recovery is a great way to heat your premises with a sustainable resource that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Some benefits of heat recovery include:

  • Lower emissions
  • Sustainable
  • No gas required
  • Cost savings
  • In line with 2025 boiler phase out

For more information on heat recovery technologies speak to our knowledgeable team.

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