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Cold Rooms

For specialist applications which require a cold storage room Cool & Heat can install a Daikin modular cold room.

Easy to install and with countless options and accessories they are a smart solution for many applications.

Some of the key components of modular cold rooms are as follows;

Wall and ceiling panels

  • Wall and ceiling panels come in a variety of sizes and thickness
  • Made from solid polyurethane foam for optimal insulation

Floor panels

  • Available in a variety of dimensions
  • Range of surfaces including protective foil and aluminium
  • Made from polyurethane double coated with galvanised sheet metal and reinforced with plywood

Door panels

  • Rolling door mechanism
  • Rubber profiling, hinges and locking mechanism to provide a tight seal
  • Filled with polyurethane for insulation

With panel on panel construction and easy hook assembly only one tool is required to erect a modular cold room.

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