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They maintain the air conditioning and MVHR systems in their domestic properties and as well as the Head Office

Cool & Heat Ltd have recently had yet more positive feedback from one of their valued contract customers. This specifically relates to residential air conditioning maintenance.

Providing Housing and Work for Local People

Salix Homes is a multi-award winning, standalone registered provider of social housing based in Greater Manchester area. The company, who pride themselves on growing communities and providing both housing and work opportunities for local people, have been operating since 2007. They were originally part of Salford City Council.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract

Cool and Heat are currently in year 2 of a 3-year contract with Salix Homes. They maintain the air conditioning and MVHR systems in their domestic properties and as well as the Head Office. Having worked in partnership with the company for several years Cool & Heat are delighted to have received positive feedback on the work.

 “Cool & Heat provides servicing and maintenance to the ventilation systems fitted within the domestic Salix property stock in addition to the Salix Homes head office. This is on a contract basis and my experience of the services provided is very positive. They have also recently installed a replacement air conditioning system to the Salix Homes Head office, which have proven to be very efficient. The installation process was very smooth, with minimal disruption. Benefits of using Cool & Heat Ltd- competitive prices, strong customer service approach and quick response times.” Susan Sanderson, Compliance Manager- Salix Homes

Cool & Heat cover around 202 properties for Salix. These include domestic use buildings as well as 6 server rooms located within the high-rise flats. We have recently carried out several air conditioning installations using Daikin equipment. Furthermore, 2 heat recovery ventilation systems have been replaced.

The driving force behind the new installations was ensuring system compliance. R22 refrigerant gas had been in use in the units previously but was phased out to make way for R32 and R410, which are considered safer and more environmentally friendly.

Benefits of R32 refrigerant gas

  • Has a low GWP (675)
  • Has zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP)
  • Higher efficiency and longer pipe runs
  • F-Gas phasedown compliant
  • Reduced refrigerant requirement when compared with R410 equivalent

Cool & Heat endeavour to stay up to date with legislation developments to assist our customers in ensuring their compliance obligations are met. By using industry-leading suppliers, we are able to provide the highest standard of equipment and total peace of mind.

Could your business or property benefit from air conditioning maintenance? Contact us today to see how Cool & Heat can help save you money and improve efficiency.



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